Terms & Conditions – Oven Cleaning


  1. Booking Date

    Shall be the date on which Eskbank Services confirms the arrangements, including the cost, date and time – the location will be on site at the customer’s premises

  2. Repairs

    Eskbank Services Oven Cleaning does not carry out repairs, electrical checks or maintenance/servicing to appliances. Eskbank Services may, subject to availability, replace sundry items such as bulbs or seals, which will constitute further work at an additional cost. The Customer’s authorisation and agreement will be obtained before this further work will be carried out.

  3. Complaints

    On completion of the work please check you are happy with the work carried out. If there is anything you are not happy with please mention it immediately to the Operative so that he can rectify the issue. If you are not home please report any issues to our office within 24 hours.
    Any complaints of dissatisfaction or breakages, etc, reported more than 48 hours later we cannot accept liability for, however we will still endeavor to help you resolve the issue and any additional costs will be your responsibility.

  4. Before we start the clean
    If you have any issues with your appliance before we start work it is your responsibility to point them out to the Operative before he starts work. If you know of any issues when booking the appointment please mention them to the person you speak with so that they can be noted.

    Any issues our Operative notices will be pointed out you. We accept no responsibility for any general wear and tear issues with your appliance.
    Claims will not be considered valid if they relate to the following:
    i. Corrosion or rust (whether or not it was evident before the Service(s) was carried out;
    ii. To any pre-existing damage, scratches, marks, deterioration of decals;
    iv. Inappropriate aftercare;
    v. Wear and tear of the appliance.

  5. Payment
    Unless other arrangements have been agreed before the Service(s) is carried out, payment is due in full upon completion. Payment may be made by, cash, cheque or bank transfer (we regret we are unable to process payment by credit card at present)
    Any refund must be made by the same means of payment as used to pay for the Service(s). If you require an invoice, please provide an email address, payment will be due within 7 days of receipt of the invoice.

    6. Parking
    It is essential that our Operatives are able to park close to the property. If you do not have private parking such as a drive our Operatives will happily park on the road, however, if parking is chargeable then this cost will be added to the cost of the work carried out. If you live in a permit parking area you must supply our Operative with a parking permit. Our Operatives will not, under any circumstance, park illegally or dangerously. Failure to supply suitable parking will result in our Operative being unable to carry out the work and you may be liable for a call out charge.

    7. Cancellation

    A minimum of 48 hours must be given to cancel or amend a booking. Failure to give adequate notice may result in a short notice cancellation fee of £15 upwards to 50% of the quoted price.